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public ActionResult Edit(int id)
    var model = repository.GetModel(id);
    if(model==null) return View("NotFound");
    return View(model);


public ActionResult Edit()
   // First of all, we retrieve the id from the posted form field. 
   // But I don't know how to do.

   var model = repository.GetModel(id);
   if(model==null) return View("NotFound");

     return View(model);


Is it possible to retrieve the posted form fields from within a parameterless HttpPost action method?

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For posted form values:

var id = Request.Form["id"];


public ActionResult Edit(FormCollection fc)
    var id = fc["id"];

or for any request value (including form posted):

var id = Request["id"];
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var id = int.Parse(Request["id"]); also works. – LaTeX Feb 17 '11 at 7:08
@user596314, yes, assuming Request["id"] is a valid integer. – Darin Dimitrov Feb 17 '11 at 7:08

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