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I am trying to perform this sql query in zend:

    a.assignment_name AS name, 
    IFNULL(( = sa.aid),'0') AS status,
    a.assignment_name AS assignment_name,
        c.class_name AS class_name,
    a.due_date AS due_date,
        a.post_date AS post_date,
       ( = sa.aid) AS status,
       IF(a.description="",'No description given',a.description) AS description,
       IF(a.grading="",'No grading policy',a.grading) AS policy,
       CONCAT(u.prefix,' ',u.lname) AS teacher
FROM `assignments` as a
JOIN classes AS c ON a.class_id =
JOIN enrollments as e ON e.student_id = 9 AND e.approved = 1 AND = e.class_id
JOIN users as u on = a.teacher_id
LEFT JOIN student_assignments as sa ON = sa.aid
group by;

my zend code is this:

public function getAllStudent($count, $offset) {
        $result = Zend_Db_Table::getDefaultAdapter()->select()
                        ->from(array('a' => 'assignments'),
                                    'id' => '',
                                    'assignment_name' => 'a.assignment_name',
                                    'class_name' => 'c.class_name',
                                    'due_date' => 'a.due_date',
                                    'post_date' => 'a.post_date',
                                    'status' => "( = sa.aid)",
                                    'description' => 'IF(a.description="",\'No description given\',a.description)',
                                    'policy' => 'IF(a.grading="",\'No grading policy\',a.grading)',
                                    'teacher' => 'CONCAT(u.prefix,\' \',u.lname)'

                        ->join(array('c' => 'classes'), 'a.class_id =', array())
                        ->join(array('e' => 'enrollments'), 'e.student_id = ' . $this->auth->id . ' AND e.approved = 1 AND = e.class_id', array())
                        ->join(array('u' => 'users'), ' = a.teacher_id', array())
                        ->joinLeft(array('sa' => 'student_assignments'), ' =', array())
                        ->order('a.due_date DESC')
                        ->limit($count, $offset)
        return $result;

I am calling this from my controller as follows:

$this->view->assignments = $this->assignments->getAllStudent(20, 0);

When i perform this query in navicat (the first code paragraph) i get these results:

ID         name  !STATUS!   assignment_name  class   date              etc                      etc
24  Kill Animal 0   Kill Animal biology 2011-01-27  2011-01-26      You must kill a frog    Instant death = 100points. Slow death = 40points    Mr. Mihai
25  Solve Exercies  1   Solve Exercies  Math    2011-01-31  2011-01-26  1   You must solve all exercises    All exercises = 100points   Mr. Mihai

All is fine, that is the result that i want to get. Look at STATUS column (i've put !! to emphasize it). For one result STATUS = 0 and for the other STATUS = 1. This is what it should return. However if i perform the same query using the above code (second code paragraph) i get the following:

array(2) {
  array(9) {
    string(2) "25"
    string(14) "Solve Exercies"
    string(4) "Math"
    string(10) "2011-01-31"
    string(10) "2011-01-26"
    string(28) "You must solve all exercises"
    string(25) "All exercises = 100points"
    string(9) "Mr. Mihai"
  array(9) {
    string(2) "24"
    string(11) "Kill Animal"
    string(7) "biology"
    string(10) "2011-01-27"
    string(10) "2011-01-26"
    string(20) "You must kill a frog"
    string(48) "Instant death = 100points. Slow death = 40points"
    string(9) "Mr. Mihai"

Here is what $result->__toString returns in zend for the query:

 SELECT `a`.`id`, 
     ( = sa.aid) AS `status`, 
    IF(a.description="",'No description given',a.description) AS `description`, 
    IF(a.grading="",'No grading policy',a.grading) AS `policy`, 
    CONCAT(u.prefix,' ',u.lname) AS `teacher` FROM `assignments` AS `a`
INNER JOIN `classes` AS `c` ON a.class_id =
INNER JOIN `enrollments` AS `e` ON e.student_id = 9 AND e.approved = 1 AND = e.class_id
INNER JOIN `users` AS `u` ON = a.teacher_id
LEFT JOIN `student_assignments` AS `sa` ON = 
GROUP BY `a`.`id` 
ORDER BY `a`.`due_date` 

As you can see, status is NULL here. Why is this happening?

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Your Zend query is missing the IFNULL function call. It should be:

'status' => "IFNULL( = sa.aid,0)",

Since you are using a LEFT JOIN, if there are no sa recrods, sa.aid will be null, and any number = NULL will return NULL.

Another point i noticed, In your query you are joining on = sa.aid, but in the zend query you are joining on ' =' (not the missing a).

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even though i do that, still getting 0 for all the results. – user253530 Feb 17 '11 at 8:21
@user253530 See updated answer – The Scrum Meister Feb 17 '11 at 8:22
thank you man! thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have no idea how stupid i feel right now...all this because of a stupid typo...damn it! – user253530 Feb 17 '11 at 8:32
@user253530 Ur welcome. It happends to the best of us... I would recommend you using a tool like WinMerge (which does a text compare) to compare these - or any other - 2 queries, that seam to be the same. It will save you time & headaches. – The Scrum Meister Feb 17 '11 at 8:37
thank for the tip, will definitely look for it as this is the most annoying thing that can happen when coding. – user253530 Feb 17 '11 at 8:40

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