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How can one create an tablespace using dblinks? Is there any way how do we create a tablespace in this fashion? what are the pre-requisities.

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You can not, you should not perform DDL over a database link. DDL does an implicit commit and a commit on the remote site is not allowed.

ORA-02021: DDL operations are not allowed on a remote database

You can use the job queues - so that a transaction is performed on the remote system, eg:

dbms_job.submit@remote( l_job, 'execute immediate ''create table t ( x int )''' ); 

Ask Tom

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I believe you mean dbms_job.submit@remote not dbms_job@remote.submit. – Justin Cave Feb 17 '11 at 8:58
Jeffrey fixed it for us – Robert Merkwürdigeliebe Feb 17 '11 at 14:24

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