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Hi Guys i m using following code but getting error0 as response . Please help in following code as i m near to success.

 public void video()
    File file = new File(exsistingFileName);
    try {
        HttpClient client = new DefaultHttpClient();  
        String postURL = "";
        HttpPost post = new HttpPost(postURL); 
        FileBody bin = new FileBody(file);
        MultipartEntity reqEntity = new MultipartEntity(HttpMultipartMode.BROWSER_COMPATIBLE);  

        reqEntity.addPart("email", new StringBody("test1@nga.com", "text/plain", Charset.forName( "UTF-8")));
        reqEntity.addPart("gameId", new StringBody("1024", "text/plain", Charset.forName( "UTF-8")));
        reqEntity.addPart("source", new StringBody("phone", "text/plain", Charset.forName("UTF-8"))); 
        reqEntity.addPart("uploadfile",bin );
        HttpResponse response = client.execute(post);     

        HttpEntity resEntity = response.getEntity();  
        if (resEntity != null) {    

    } catch (Exception e) {


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what kind of error do you get? more info will be helpfull :)
try this

InputStream is = this.getAssets().open(exsistingFileName);
byte[] data = IOUtils.toByteArray(is);
InputStreamBody isb = new InputStreamBody(new ByteArrayInputStream(data),"uploadedFile");

good luck

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