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In Spring, how can I insert data in table using JdbcTemplate. Can anyone please provide me a code sample for doing this.

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Use jdbcTemplate.update(String sql, Object[] args, int[] argTypes) method:

    "INSERT INTO schema.tableName (column1, column2) VALUES (?, ?)",
    new Object[]{var1, var2}, new Object[]{Types.TYPE_OF_VAR1, Types.TYPE_OF_VAR2}
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If you are planning to use JdbcTemplate in multiple locations, it would be a good idea to create a Spring Bean for it.

Using Java Config it would be:

public class DBConfig {

   public DataSource dataSource() {
      //create a data source

   public JdbcTemplate jdbcTemplate() {
      return new JdbcTemplate(dataSource());

   public TransactionManager transactionManager() {
      return new DataSourceTransactionManager(dataSource());


Then a repository that uses that JdbcTemplate could be:

public class JdbcSomeRepository implements SomeRepository {

   private final JdbcTemplate jdbcTemplate ;

   public JdbcSomeRepository(JdbcTemplate jdbcTemplate) {
      this.jdbcTemplate = jdbcTemplate;

   public int someUpdate(SomeType someValue, SomeOtherType someOtherValue) {
      return jdbcTemplate.update("INSERT INTO SomeTable(column1, column2) VALUES(?,?)", someValue, someOtherValue)

The update method from JdbcTemplate that I have used can be found here.

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You'll need a datasource for working with JdbcTemplate.

JdbcTemplate template = new JdbcTemplate(yourDataSource);

template.update(new PreparedStatementCreator() {
            public PreparedStatement createPreparedStatement(Connection connection) throws SQLException {

            PreparedStatement statement = connection.prepareStatement(ourInsertQuery);
            //statement.setLong(1, beginning); set parameters you need in your insert

            return statement;
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