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When I'm trying to get last input expression in Wolfram Mathematica 5.2 using In[-1] I get evaluated output:

In[1]:= On[In]
2 + 2

Out[2]= 4

During evaluation of In[1]:= In::trace: In[-1] --> In[$Line-1]. >>

During evaluation of In[1]:= In::trace: In[$Line-1] --> In[2]. >>

During evaluation of In[1]:= In::trace: In[2] --> 2+2. >>

Out[3]= 4

How can I get the input expression in unevaluated form?

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I haven't got the slightest idea in what sort of language or program you are trying to accomplish this. – Michel van Engelen Feb 17 '11 at 9:21
@Michel It is Wolfram Mathematica 5.2. This was in the tag and now in the header and the body of the question. – Alexey Popkov Feb 17 '11 at 9:31
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You could try InString[]

In[1]:= 2 + 2
Out[1]= 4

In[2]:= InString[-1]
Out[2]= "\\(2 + 2\\)"
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Thank you. DisplayForm@ToExpression[InString[-1]] works fine. – Alexey Popkov Feb 17 '11 at 9:37

Here is another way:

In[1]:= 2 + 2
With[{line = $Line - 1}, HoldForm[In[line]] /. DownValues[In]]

Out[1]= 4

Out[2]= 2+2


This method does not work properly with Unevaluated:

In[1]:= Unevaluated[2 + 2]
With[{line = $Line - 1}, HoldForm[In[line]]] /. (DownValues[In])
Out[1]= Unevaluated[2 + 2]
Out[2]= 2 + 2

I have opened a separate question on this.

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