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I have a DataGridView with 7 cells, in every cell I'm into if i press escape the current row is removed thou an event i made named Public Event EscapeOnFirstRowPressed with no problem, and brings me the control to each initial state.

The general idea of this process is when all the cells are fulfilled then

  • Write the Data into a SQL table and
  • Remove the current row, so the user is now ready to import new data.

Since the Write procedure is OK I turn my interest to remove of the row.

I say this action needs to call it either from RowValidated sub or from CellEnter (which take place when I leave the current row and gets to the next row). But in either place if I put the command

If Not DGV.CurrentCell.EditedFormattedValue = "" Then
            If Not DGV.Rows(RowIndex).IsNewRow Then
            End If

        ElseIf DGV.CurrentCell.EditedFormattedValue = Nothing Then
            If Not DGV.Rows(RowIndex).IsNewRow Then
            End If
        End If

I receive the following error

DGV.Rows.RemoveAt(0) {"Operation cannot be performed in this event handler."} 

I was try another process to this action. I try to simulate the KeyPress action by giving the following command

Dim myKeyData As System.Windows.Forms.Keys
Dim myMsg As System.Windows.Forms.Message
  myKeyData = Keys.Escape
ProcessCmdKey(myMsg, myKeyData)

But I receive the same error, when the pointer comes to execute the same instruction which executed when I press the Esc key.

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You can execute code in the next message loop, after the event handler finishes, by calling BeginInvoke.

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Thanks for the attention, please be more specific. When i will do that? At the end of CellValidated? or After RowValidated? And please can you assist me of how to use the BeginInvocke because I was try to do it but I couldn' make any positive result. – Lefteris Gkinis Feb 17 '11 at 16:25
Call BeginInvoke and pass a delegate that deletes the row. – SLaks Feb 17 '11 at 16:27
You are the best in Town, solved successfully my issue. I wish to have the ability to give you more votes. Thanks again – Lefteris Gkinis Feb 17 '11 at 17:05

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