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I want to show the thumbnails of the "up-sells" products with grouped product thumbnails, with a link to the specific "up-sells" product.

It will be used like a color selector (for t-shirts for example).

This picture explain a little bit how should be my screen...


Thanks a lot.

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If I am understanding the question correctly you could check to see what type the product is and then change the following

<?php echo $this->helper('catalog/image')->init($_link, 'small_image')->resize(125)


<?php echo $this->helper('catalog/image')->init($_link, 'thumbnail')->resize(125)
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Thanks dan.codes, I don't want to replace the "Up-sell" product image, but to put this one near the thumbnails of the main product. I suppose I have to edit the file media.phtml –  Bizboss Feb 17 '11 at 14:12
That don't solve my problem !! :( Still searching for solution ! Thanks a lot for help. –  Bizboss Feb 23 '11 at 16:58

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