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we use the ASP.NET Ajax (ie. <asp:ScriptManager />) on our pages and we wish to use Script# for generating js files with a client side functionality. The problem is when we include mscorlib.js into a page. In that moment other js libraries, which rely on ASP.NET Ajax, stop working.

Since Script# v0.6 sscorlib.dll and aacorlib.dll libraries were merged into mscorlib.dll. In release notes is said "Merged sscorlib.dll and aacorlib.dll into mscorlib.dll. Changed sscorlib.js to become mscorlib.js. If you are using ASP.NET Ajax, you need to include MicrosoftAjaxExt.js for equivalent functionality".

Where do we find this library?

Thanks for reply!!!

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Script# doesn't support ASP.NET Ajax anymore (starting with more recent builds).

You'll find mscorlib to be a much smaller runtime footprint than MicrosoftAjax.js (+ MicrosoftAjaxExt.js). There are plans to further reduce the size of mscorlib down significantly.

Along with jQuery it provides a better model for writing client apps.

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