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I have launched a performance wizard in VS2010 to audit thread concurrency in my Application.

Is there a way to identify exactly what specific threads "Worker Threads" point to in my app ?
Indeed, I launch worker threads. Is there a way to name them and/or timestamp same logical thread that is launched many times. (Am I using this right or is it a loony idea ?)

This would allow me to identify threads which cause high Cross-Core context switches and take action (right ? )

Core View

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Depending on how you are creating your threads it is possible to name them

See this msdn page for details of the Thread.Name property

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The problem is that I use BackgroundWorkers, as I have a GUI that I do not want to freeze, and I take advantage of the wrap-up of start/stop utilities provided by this class. The problem is that threads created this way are not nameable from what i've read. Besides, I am not 100% sure naming threads at runtime would result in displaying that particular name in this window. – Mehdi LAMRANI Feb 17 '11 at 11:03

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