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I have a WPF Toolkit DataGrid control, contained within a Grid, inside a ViewBox control. The DataGrid has its own style with Black background, White Text and White Grid lines.

Some of the grid lines are missing from the grid (literally) from display, typically when there are 10 rows or more in the DataGrid. When I remove the ViewBox, it works fine (but I need scaling hence the use of the ViewBox).

I have not set many properties of the viewbox:

<Viewbox Stretch="Uniform" StretchDirection="Both">

Do I need to set other properties in order for the DataGrid to be scaled properly? Or because the DataGrid has its own customized style?

Thanks very much


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Can you post some xaml that reproduces this behavior? It seems to work find for me –  Fredrik Hedblad Feb 17 '11 at 13:10
Thanks Meleak, it is now Fixed. It was a case of increasing the Border size of the DataGridCells. –  Joe.Net Feb 17 '11 at 17:29

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Increased the Border size of the DataGridCells in the DataGrid Customized style.

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