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I had 3 tables


email     funcarea


email     experience


email     location

I want to combine these three tables using the field email with 3 conditions like
funarea = 2 and experience >=3 and location = 'Sydney'

since im a newbie to sql i am eager to know how to implement this. Experts please help.

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select a.email,funarea,experience,location  from usertb a
left join professiontb b
on a.email = b.email
left join generalinfo c
on  a.email = c.email
funarea = 2 and experience >=3 and location = 'Sydney'
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If you have at least one entry in each table:

(blunt and stupid but it works)

FROM usertb, professiontb, generalinfo 
WHERE usertb.email=professiontb.email AND professiontb.email=generalinfo.email AND usertb.funcarea=2 AND professiontb.experience>=3 AND generalinfo.location='Sydney';

If you don't have one entry in each table, my advice would be to use the LEFT JOIN statement.

SELECT * FROM usertb WHERE usertb.funcarea=2
LEFT JOIN professiontb ON(usertb.email=professiontb.email AND professiontb.experience>=3)
LEFT JOIN generalinfo ON(usertb.email=generalinfo.email AND generalinfo.location='Sydney');

As is, you should get all the rows from usertb, even if there is some missing ones in the other tables.

Hoping it will help.


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