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I use MS Office Outlook 2007, and sometimes it converts email address as "FirstName LastName". When double click, it opens Contact form, but nowhere email address to copy into clipboard.

How is it possible to copy to clipboard email address if it uses contact?


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I had the same question. You can right click on the user entry and select "Send Mail" to open a new email to the user with the email address in the To field instead of the "Firstname Lastname" format. Copy the email address to the clipboard and close the new email window.

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This works, but due to some MS idiocy the address turns into the descriptor as soon as the window loses focus, so you have to repeat the steps each time. – Ben Power Nov 14 '12 at 23:39

If you need to copy several addresses, you can find them in the raw internet headers:

  1. Go to the Inbox or folder that contains the message.
  2. Right-click on the message with the addresses.
  3. Select "Message Options"
  4. Scroll down in the "Internet Headers" box until you find the addresses.
  5. Highlight and copy the desired address(es).

This method has the advantage that the Message Options window will remain open until you click the 'Close' button.

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