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Is it possible to create a custom ObjectId in a django model that is being saved to a mongodb using mongodb-engine? I've tried to do this passing the string I want into the ObjectId type, Flight(_id=ObjectId(myid)) for example but then this gives me an error saying that the string is not a valid id. Is it possible to override the id with a custom one? And is there somewhere where I can read about this or what the rules for creating an ID are?


File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/bson/objectid.py", line 172, in __validate raise InvalidId("%s is not a valid ObjectId" % oid) InvalidId: short_profile_4fcad5e8e5095f5a4f000000 is not a valid ObjectId

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What is the exact error, please? – Daniel Roseman Feb 17 '11 at 12:12

For sure you can your custom objectId, check objectId documentation for that , but i don't unsdestand fot what you need it.

Instead of ObjectId you can use any type that you want. So you can make _id string and insert any strting value instead of mongo ObjectId. But your custom _id must be unique for each member of a collection. This is enforced if the collection has an index on _id, which is the case by default.

from documentation

Although _id values can be of any type, a special BSON datatype is provided for object ids. This type is a 12-byte binary value designed to have a reasonably high probability of being unique when allocated. All of the officially-supported MongoDB drivers use this type by default for _id values. Also, the Mongo database itself uses this type when assigning _id values on inserts where no _id value is present.

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So what I actually want is to set a string as my _id but I keep getting this error: AutoField (default primary key) values must be strings representing an ObjectId on MongoDB (got u'ryanair-DU...' instead) Any ideas what might be wrong? My model has _id = models.CharField(db_index=True) – gomesr Feb 17 '11 at 18:57

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