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I want to set choices in dynamic.

I used __set_choices method but, when request method is POST, is_valid method always return False.

if request.method=='POST':
 _form = MyForm(request.POST)
 if _form.is_valid():
   #something to do
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What is the "__set_choices method"? What does it do? What calls it? What is your form? –  Daniel Roseman Feb 17 '11 at 12:33

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I often set the choices dynamicly in the constructor:

class MyForm(BaseForm):
    afield = forms.ChoiceField(choices=INITIAL_CHOICES)

    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super(MyForm, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
        self.fields['afield'].choices = my_computed_choices
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Thanks, Nice Solution, easy to implement too. –  shahjapan Jan 23 '14 at 10:20

The key is to realise that choices can be any iterable:

import uuid
from itertools import count
class MyForm(BaseForm):

    counter = count(1)

    def my_choices():
        yield (uuid.uuid1, next(counter)) 

    afield = forms.ChoiceField(choices=my_choices)

Or whatever logic you like inside my_choices.

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In a view you could do the following

lstChoices = _getMyChoices()

form.fields['myChoiceField'].choices = lstChoices

where lstChoices is list of dynamically generated tuples for your choices.

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Similar to maersu's solution, but if you have a ModelForm with a model that has a ForeignKey to another model, you may want to assign to the field's queryset instead of choices.

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