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I want to create chat window with textarea and textbox in lwuit. Textarea must capable to show smiley and coloring text. I have used HtmlComponent of lwuit and facing problem in scrollbar. As text content grows in size, whole screen scroll including textbox. I want only content of textarea to be scrolled.

How to solve it?

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There is no textbox class in LWUIT. exactly tel me what you are used and what your problem? – bharath Feb 18 '11 at 12:50

well, you can forbid scrolling for the whole form using Form.setScrollable(false). Then you just set your HTMLcomponent scrollable "true" with the same method and finally put these two components (TextArea and HTMLComponent) to a different cosntraints (e.g. TextArea in BorderLayout.NORTH and HTMLComponent in BorderLayout.CENTER)

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