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Our company develops a windows basedsoftware which now got ported into mac also. since two different team is developing the software on different technologies(C# and Java) we need to define the standards/guidelines that a developer need to follow while designing the forms.

What is the best way to do this?

To compile a document which stipulates this standard or is there any coding technique which will make sure that the form appears in both the platform?

Please advice.


Regards, John

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I'm a huge fan of C#, but why don't you just write the whole thing in Java and only have one code base? –  RQDQ Feb 17 '11 at 14:03

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You manage this the same way you would if all forms were being developed on a single platform:

  • Document the standards
  • Very important - enforce them. This means somebody needs to scope out all new forms on both sides and make sure that they all comply.
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One easy way is to just use Mono on Mac since the Windows C# version is stable (implication from your descriptions).

If Java is a must-go, you can consider the same class hierarchy but different implementations. This solve one problem of maintaining two code bases: where is the equivalent XYZ on Mac(Windows). This will not be as trivial as it seems to be because the architect must be familiar with both C# and Java and their capabilities to come up with an elegant and efficient design.

Once class hierarchy is set, the standards are more implementation specific and just need nice documentation, nice understanding and strict enforcement.

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