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Is it possible in Orbeon Form Builder to store the multiple copy of same form?

For example I have create one form with 10 fields and also I need another form with 1 more additional field. I want use the copy of existing so that I can add another field and save it.

Thanks Pradeep Bansal

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At this point, there is no "save as…" or "create copy of this form" capability in Form Builder. You can simulate this by:

  1. Opening the form you would like to make a copy of, clicking on Edit Source, copying the source of the form.
  2. Creating a new form, choosing a new app name / form name, again going to Edit Source, and pasting the source you copied.
  3. Pasting the source will change the app name / form name of your form to be the one of the original form, so after pasting the source, go to Metadata / Edit Metadata and reset the app name / form name.

This technique does not copy attachments you might have to your form, so if you have attachments you also need to reattach them to the target form.

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Has there been any updates on this functionality? That'd be really helpful! If the form gets cloned programatically, it will cut down end user's efforts. –  Nupur Apr 15 at 9:06
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