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Can anyone help me to attach a template to a word document through Java coding.

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If you know how to do this in VBA, you can use Com4J, generate the JavaProxies for Word, and then call the same functions from Java.

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I have VBA coding for attaching tenplates as below: – Bhuvana Mar 4 '11 at 11:23
As below what? I assume you mistook the answer field for a continuation of the comment field. – Daniel Mar 4 '11 at 11:35

with docx4j:

    // Create settings part, and init content
    DocumentSettingsPart dsp = new DocumentSettingsPart();
    CTSettings settings = Context.getWmlObjectFactory().createCTSettings();

    // Create external rel
    RelationshipsPart rp = RelationshipsPart.createRelationshipsPartForPart(dsp);       
    org.docx4j.relationships.Relationship rel = new org.docx4j.relationships.ObjectFactory().createRelationship();
    rel.setType( ""  );
    rp.addRelationship(rel); // addRelationship sets the rel's @Id

            (CTRel)XmlUtils.unmarshalString("<w:attachedTemplate xmlns:w=\"\" xmlns:r=\"\" r:id=\"" + rel.getId() + "\"/>", Context.jc, CTRel.class)

See org.docx4j.samples.TemplateAttach in docx4j svn for the complete example.

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Try Apache POI that provides cross platform pure Java solution for manipulating MS Office documents.

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