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Hey guys, i would like to create an subprocess.Popen object from an already running process... is that possible somehow?

another idea would be to serialize (pickle) the subprocess object and write it to a database so that if the main process restarts it could get the subprocess.Popen objects back from the database.. but I'm unsure if that works!

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Based on your current wording, I don't believe a clear answer can be given. Could you describe what you're actually trying to accomplish in generic terms? E.g. Process A spawns backend Process B to.... – Rakis Feb 17 '11 at 14:09
If you restart the main process, the former child process is no longer a child process of the new main process. At least on Linux, things like wait() won't work for processes which are not child processes of the current processes. I'm not aware of a way of "adopting" orphaned processes. Maybe your main process just should not die? – Sven Marnach Feb 17 '11 at 14:25

Assuming you want to communicate with the "subprocess" and must do so using its standard i/o streams, you could create a wrapper around the executable that maps its stdin/out/err to a socket or named pipe.

The program that intends to control the "subprocess" can then start and stop communications at any time. You may have to provide for a locking mechanism too.

Then, assuming you're on Linux, you can access the stdin/out/err of a running process through /proc/<pid>/fd/<0,1,2>. You won't connect these to a subprocess.Popen object but open('/proc/<pid>/fd/1', 'rb') will behave like Popen().stdout.

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create an subprocess.Popen object from an already running process

Do you mean from an already running sub-process? The only way I know of to pass objects between processes is to pickle them and write them out either to a file or a database as you suggested.

Typically, sub-processes cannot be spawned from already running sub-processes, but you can keep a reference to the new process you want to create and spawn it from the main process. This could get really ugly, and I suggest against it strongly. Why, specifically do you need to further your process tree past two-deep? This info might lead to a better answer.

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