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Can anyone tell me how to quickly copy Files from a mapped network drive?

The windows Copy Paste works very slow and hampers the performance of the system.

I have used XCOPY source destination /i /s /z /q

This was quick enough and copied a few files and later threw an error "The specified network name not available"

I remember somebody using a workaround to copy files quickly from mapped networked drive.

Can any one suggest me a way to do this?

I use Windows XP, so please don't suggest me RoboCopy.

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I have the same problem but with windows 2000. I hope someone will answer... – pgras Feb 2 '09 at 12:20
You can install robocopy on Windows XP and it works great. – bentford Feb 21 '09 at 1:36
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RoboCopy works fine on WinXP. The Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit that contains RoboCopy installs fine on XP.

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use Ipmessanger I can copy at 55 MB /Sec (SATA2 7200 RPMS HDD on both PC's) on my Gigabit Ethernet

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Can you provide a link ? (I think there is a typo in the name) – ixe013 Oct 26 '12 at 15:58

I have found that Total Commander is significantly faster than any of the built-in copy mechanisms, including when copying files over the network.

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There is no reliable, fast and simple way to copy files between Windows computers using only the tools that come with the OS.

Your options are:

Note that you can download the Windows 2003 server tools and unpack them on XP. It will work on XP.

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