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Hello all I have a Desire Z Android 2.2 English with psysical keyboard. I need to have three local characters on the physical keyboard. I can certainly access them via longpress and choose on touch screen but it kills the flow when texting and writing email. 1. Can I change Android OS from English to another language in the next update? 2. If not, can I modify the file data in the system, so that I remap three unused keys to what I want to have? 3. Do you have any other way to go about it? Kind rgds

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Perhaps this would be better on android.se? –  Rich Feb 17 '11 at 14:13

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  1. Apparently you can (haven't tried it): Change language programatically in Android

  2. You can not modify file on a file system, except your own files. Ever app is installed under a separate username, and privileges are set so that one app has no privileges to access other app or system files.

  3. Not that I know. Option 1. seems to be the way.

Beware: personally I wouldn't want an app to remap my keyboard. This is something that only user should do.

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