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am getting the above exception while swaping Items in the list(lstRoutePriority).PFB my code

if (lstRoutePriority.SelectedIndex > 0)
   //Swap the two items 
   idTemp = (ItemData)lstRoutePriority.Items[lstRoutePriority.SelectedIndex];
   lstRoutePriority.Items[lstRoutePriority.SelectedIndex] = 
   lstRoutePriority.Items[lstRoutePriority.SelectedIndex-1] = idTemp;

can someone tell me how to fix this? Thanks in advance

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Try replacing this

lstRoutePriority.SelectedIndex > 0 


lstRoutePriority.SelectedIndex >= 0


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I think the

lstRoutePriority.SelectedIndex > 0

constraint is correct. Otherwise


could be negative. I think you also should check whether SelectedIndex isn't larger than the length of the list minus 1.

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