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I was wondering if this possible. I have this datagrid contains 3 columns and 2 rows. What I want is to change the background of the URL column on my datagrid according to the data I enter.

Here is sample of my xaml code:

        <DataGridTextColumn Header="URL" Foreground="{Binding rowColor}" Binding="{Binding url}"/>
        <DataGridTextColumn Header="Version" Foreground="White" Binding="{Binding version}"/>
        <DataGridTextColumn Header="Valid" Foreground="White" Binding="{Binding valid}"/>

My class used to fill up the datagrid with rows:

public class myData
    public string url {get; set;}
    public string version{get; set;}
    public string valid{get; set;}

    //this should be the value that changes the bg color 
    public string rowColor{ get; set; }

And here is my way to add rows to the control:

 myData data1 = new myData();
 data1.url = "http://google.com";
 data1.valid = "yes";
 data1.version = "1";
 data1.rowColor = "#FF000000";

 data1.url = "http://yahoo.com";
 data1.valid = "no";
 data1.version = "1";
 data1.rowColor = "#000000FF";

I have two elements. Each row should have its own color. The first one should be red and the second one should be blue. I really don't know how to make the control use the rowColor value.

What do I need to do to get this working?

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Your rowColor should not return a string (i would rename it to RowColor since it is public), just return the actual colour-brushes instead. (Your colours are wrong by the way, the first is opaque black and the second is transparent blue)


public Brush rowColor { get; set; }
data1.rowColor = Brushes.Red;
data2.rowColor = Brushes.Blue;

If you really need to parse from string you could use a value converter or the standard conversion that is used when parsing Xaml.

Besides that i am not sure if binding those properties to Foreground of the column will work.

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