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Hy everyone, I have ExtJS 3.2 , PHP5.3 and Oracle 10g XE.

JSON returned from MyExtJs.php :

[{"FIRST_NAME":"Ellen","LAST_NAME":"Abel"},{"FIRST_NAME":"Sundar","LAST_NAME":"Ande"}, {"FIRST_NAME":"Mozhe","LAST_NAME":"Atkinson"},{"FIRST_NAME":"David","LAST_NAME":"Austin"},{"FIRST_NAME":"Hermann","LAST_NAME":"Baer"},{"FIRST_NAME":"Shelli","LAST_NAME":"Baida"},{"FIRST_NAME":"Amit","LAST_NAME":"Banda"},{"FIRST_NAME":"Elizabeth","LAST_NAME":"Bates"},{"FIRST_NAME":"Sarah","LAST_NAME":"Bell"},{"FIRST_NAME":"David","LAST_NAME":"Bernstein"}]

The data store:

var store = new {  
                  autoLoad: true,  
                  url: 'MyExtJs.php',  
                  fields: [  
                           {name: 'firstname'},  
                           {name: 'lastname'}  

The Grid:

var grid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
        store: store,
        columns: [
                id       : 'fname',
                header   : 'First Name', 
                width    :  160, 
                sortable :  true, 
                dataIndex: 'firstname'
                id       : 'lname',
                header   : 'Last Name' ,
                width    :  75, 
                sortable :  true,  
                dataIndex:  'lastname'
        stripeRows: true,
        height: 300,
        width: 500,
        title: 'Report', 
        autoExpandColumn: 'lname',   
        stateful: true,
        stateId: 'grid'

I only shows the header and borders of the grid but no data inside.

Kind Regards, Dan

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Well, JSON fields are "FIRST_NAME", "LAST_NAME", and in your datastore you say "firstname" and "lastname" –  Radoslav Georgiev Feb 17 '11 at 15:43

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In your fields config include a "mapping" property like this:

var store = new {  
    autoLoad: true,  
    url: 'MyExtJs.php',  
    fields: [  
        {name: 'firstname', mapping:'FIRST_NAME'},  
        {name: 'lastname', mapping:'LAST_NAME'}  

It is not the that reads your JSON, it uses intenally to read data coming from server, this "fields" prop set in Store's config is passed to its DataReader to configure itself. DataReader uses for each field being read, look here, ExtJS's docs are good!

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