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I am looking for a free tool (windows) to draw Robustness Diagrams

I have tried DIA but it does not include the entity and control drawings.

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Visual Paradigm has a free trial and a community edition and it is a pretty good tool, too.

I, personally, have used NetBeans IDE, a version that includes a uml plugin:

The UML plugin for the NetBeans IDE is available for version 6.7 and earlier releases.

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Do they include robustness drawings? I think robustness diagrams are not part of UML – Enrique Feb 17 '11 at 17:54
If this is a robustness diagram - yes. My UML teacher called it "analysis class diagram" and it looked just like this. – Tanparmaiel Feb 17 '11 at 18:23

The Dia 0.97 does include the ECB (entity, control, boundary) icons.

Here are the steps: 1. Click on the dropdown list (combobox), and select "UML" (if you can't find it, select "Other sheets" -> UML). 2. Select "Class Stereotype Icon" (move your mouse curson on the symbol/icon, it will display the name for you). 3. Place it on your canvas. By default, the icon will be Control. If you want to change it, right click and change the "Stereotype"

However Dia doesn't support sequence diagram very well, which I suppose you going to draw it after you complete your robustness diagram.

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I have used AV Snap for all of my diagram needs. Not sure that it will fit yours but it is a great utility if you learn the keyboard shortcuts.

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