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I am trying to follow this blog for building push services for iPhone. The blog uses Android as the working platform,but it can be migrated to iPhone too, provided I get an MQTT client in objective C..which I cant find anywhere. The closest I got to this is :

  1. I got a C implementation here - libmosquitto

  2. This post says I can use something like an HTTP bridge.

Can anyone please help me exploit these two options ? I dont know the next step to take :(

Thanks !!

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The HTTP option would not help you in this case as you're not trying to talk to a JMS app via MQ (well - you haven't said that is your goal). Your best bet would be to compile something like libmosquitto or one of the other MQTT clients (see list at http://mqtt.org) for the iPhone. There's now a good example https://github.com/njh/marquette which uses mosquitto's libraries on iOS

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I'm not familiar with Objective C at all, but it seems as though you can compile any C code as Objective C. Would this get round your problem?

If you're using gcc, you can force it to compile as Objective C using "-x objective-c".

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I am currently using MQTTKit in my projects. It's fairly easy and straightforward to use.

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How could we send push notifications in MQTT payload –  SMS Oct 8 '14 at 10:39
You'll need to setup an MQTT client in your APNS certified server to listen for a message and send a push notification accordingly. –  Kiran Oct 9 '14 at 2:48
@Kiran, I am having trouble subscribing to a topic on a specific server. Any ideas –  Tash Pemhiwa May 27 at 20:47
It's really impossible for me to tell you anything without seeing your code first :) –  Kiran May 28 at 0:00

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