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In a web app we are building in ASP .NET, there is a requirement to allow users to view TIFF image files but not to have the ability to print, save or copy these documents. We understand users may be able to print screen, and thus no solution will be 100% foolproof.

Can anyone suggest some TIFF file viewers which can allow us to prevent users from saving, copying or printing these document and also will integrate with an ASP .NET application?

Thanks a million! - Cian

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Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks! – cian1991ferrari Feb 18 '11 at 9:05

I think you have three options:

  1. embed TIFF images in Silverlight application
  2. embed TIFF images in Flash/Flex/Air application
  3. break each TIFF image into pieces and show them using HTML/CSS

Last option is not very practical one, though.

If you decide to use Silverlight for showing TIFF images, then you may want to look at LibTiff.Net (free, open-source, commercial-friendly license). LibTiff.Net supports Silverlight and it's source code package contains Silverlight Test Application that displays Tiff images.

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Thanks Bobrovsky, I will take a look at these! In the mean time, all other suggestions are welcome! :D – cian1991ferrari Feb 18 '11 at 10:07

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