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i am a beginner to c progmmng, right nw m coding c on ubuntu using gedit and compiling in gcc, i want to plot a graph in c prog, i read regarding gnuplot and koolplot, but when i include those files in my prog i get output as: fatal error/no such directory etc..can anyone tell me how to work it out..please give in detail ans..coz m new to using ubuntu... i appreciate your answers thankx

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Post relevant code snippets / copy paste the errors. You'll get more answers. – dotalchemy Feb 17 '11 at 19:32

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How did you install gnuplot and how are you using it in your program? Did you follow the instructions in the gnuplot manual?

Koolplot appears to be designed for the MingW environment under Windows, I wouldn't recommend using it if you're in a Linux environment.

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Why not to use GPL library MathGL? It is cross-platform, have C interface and is specially designed as plotting library (not an external program). However it has external GUI and console tools too.

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