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def retrieveEatenFood(String token, String addedDate) {     

    def consumer = Consumer.findByMobileToken(token)
    if(consumer != null) {  

        def efList = []

        def list = consumer.findAll("from EatenFood as ef where date(ef.dateAdded) =  date(:da)",[da:sdf_long.parse(addedDate)])
            def eatenList = [:]
            eatenList.put("eatenDate", it.eatenDate)

        return efList;  

Trying to mock the above method, but the findAll keep generating an exception.

This issue it works! Now i need to write the test for it and i keep getting this exception. Can anyone help me please!

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: carrotdev.Consumer.findAll() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String, java.util.LinkedHashMap) values: [from EatenFood as ef where date(ef.dateAdded) =  date(:da), [da:Sun Feb 13 01:51:47 AST 2011]]
Possible solutions: findAll(groovy.lang.Closure), find(groovy.lang.Closure)
    at carrotdev.ConsumerService.retrieveEatenFood(ConsumerService.groovy:146)
    at carrotdev.ConsumerService$retrieveEatenFood.call(Unknown Source)
    at carrotdev.ConsumerServiceTests.testEatenFoodRetrievedSucessfully(ConsumerServiceTests.groovy:359)
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I would move the query to the Consumer domain class with a descriptive name, e.g.

static List<EatenFood> findAllEatenByDate(String date) {
      "from EatenFood as ef where date(ef.dateAdded) = date(:da)",

Then the call is simply

def list = Consumer.findAllEatenByDate(addedDate)

and you can mock that easily with

def foods = [new EatenFood(...), new EatenFood(...), ...]
Consumer.metaClass.static.findAllEatenByDate = { String date - > foods }

Be sure to test the finder method in your Consumer integration test.

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thanks a million! –  ferronrsmith Feb 17 '11 at 21:18
Man, that "metaClass.static" is a savior! Thanks! –  Eldelshell Apr 20 '11 at 8:26
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