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I am trying to read (and subsequently save) blobs from the blobstore using the remote api. I get the error: "No api proxy found for service "blobstore"" when I execute the read. Here is the stub code:

    for b in bs.BlobInfo.all().fetch(100):
        blob_reader = bs.BlobReader(str(b.key))
        file = blob_reader.read()

the error occurs on the line: file = blob_reader.read() I am reading the file from my personal appspot via terminal with:

python tools/remote_api/blobstore_download.py --servername=myinstance.appspot.com --appid=myinstance

So, reading from the blobstore possible via the remote api? or is my code bad? Any suggestions?

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We recently added blobstore support to remote_api. Make sure you're using the latest version of the SDK, and your error should go away.

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Yes, that was the deal, we had the latest version, but some other code that I was unaware of was directing to an older version. Thanks for your help. –  Kenneth Mai Feb 18 '11 at 16:17
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