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I have a line of text that i need to wrap and center in a GD image. I am using a ttf font as well. Can anything give me some assistance please?

I have managed to get some text to wrap doing the following, but now i need to get it to center:

function wrap($fontSize, $angle, $fontFace, $string, $width){

    $ret = "";

    $arr = explode(' ', $string);

    foreach ( $arr as $word ){

        $teststring = $ret.' '.$word;
        $testbox = imagettfbbox($fontSize, $angle, $fontFace, $teststring);
        if ( $testbox[2] > $width ){
        } else {
            $ret.=($ret==""?"":' ').$word;

    return $ret;
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To center both horizontally and vertically: get half height from imagettfbbox of whole text (with new lines) and substract it from half height of your image ($start_x).

Now split text by new lines, create ttfbox for every line and get it's height ($h) and half width ($w). Draw line starting from half image width + $w and $start_x, add $h to $start_x, repat until all lines are written.

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User valentijn de Pagter provides, on php net manual, a nice function to calculate the box (I see you're using imagettfbbox(), indeed) and from the array it returns calculate how to center text. You can find it here:

center text with imagettfbbox

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This is what I did. using the imagettftext function, you can add new line marks and continue on to the next line. You can add \n to the string after a certain amount of characters. This example will only break on spaces, so words won't get cut off.

                if($c>40 && $chr==" ") {
            imagettftext($img, 15, 0, $x - 60, $descmgn, $textcolor, $font, $result);
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