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I am using acts_as_taggable_on steroids and I am having problem with this piece of code that generates a link to a tag:

<%= link_to tag, tag_path(:id => tag.name) %>

when I access the URL:


I get the error:

No action responded to rails. Actions: show

However, this URL works:


I have defined the show action in my tags_controller.rb

class TagsController < ApplicationController
  def show
    @stories = Story.find_tagged_with(params[:id])

I have the following routes generated by rake:routes :

           tags GET    /tags(.:format)                             {:controller=>"tags", :action=>"index"}
                POST   /tags(.:format)                             {:controller=>"tags", :action=>"create"}
        new_tag GET    /tags/new(.:format)                         {:controller=>"tags", :action=>"new"}
       edit_tag GET    /tags/:id/edit(.:format)                    {:controller=>"tags", :action=>"edit"}
            tag GET    /tags/:id(.:format)                         {:controller=>"tags", :action=>"show"}
                PUT    /tags/:id(.:format)                         {:controller=>"tags", :action=>"update"}
                DELETE /tags/:id(.:format)                         {:controller=>"tags", :action=>"destroy"}

so I know that URL tags/rails points to the route tags/:id, and I've provided an additional param to link_to to assign the tag name as the :id param, but as you can see, it's not working. A forum suggested I use the to_param but I have not Tag model and the book suggested against it. Am I missing anything?

I am following the Sitepoint book Simply Rails 2

EDIT: added working URL, see top

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Try adding this to your route resource:

:requirements => { :id => /.*/ }
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Shooting in the dark here but should

<%= link_to tag, tag_path(:id => tag.name) %>


<%= link_to tag, tag_path(:id => tag.id) %>


<%= link_to tag, tag_path(tag) %>

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Try this for your link:

link_to tag.name, { :action => :tag, :id => tag.name }

I don't know what version of rails you're using, I'm assuming 3.

Basically, you're using the tag_path which goes off of the id. If you haven't changed anything, that means something like tag/43, tag with id 43. The reason you were suggested to override to_param is in case you want it to go off the name of the tag instead, so something like tag/rails. For that, you do something like this:

class Tag
  def to_param

Finally, you will have to change the show action to use the name, not the id. So @stories = Story.find_tagged_with(params[:name]). Then I believe that you will want to create a route to compensate for this, so above your resources :tags, add match "/tags/:name" => "tags#show".

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For me it looks like the difference in routes.rb between

resources :tags


resource :tags

The first will have as its default index action, the second will not have :index, but it will respond with show on default route.

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