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vsinstr.exe has the option to include only the namespaces that needs to profile.

With this option, I could get the vsp file.

cl /Zi helloclass.cpp /link /Profile
vsinstr helloclass.exe /include:Fpga::*
vsperfcmd /start:trace /output:trace.vsp
vsperfcmd /shutdown

However, it still contains the std:: namespaces.

enter image description here


I tried with /exclude:std::*, and I get way too many functions including the std:: functions. enter image description here

What might be wrong?

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According to

/include doesn't accept wildcards, try using /exclude:std::*

EDIT: Try adding /exclude:::__* or /exclude:__* to get rid of global namespace functions starting with __. Haven't tested this, and the documentation isn't clear, but worth a try.

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I tried, but didn't get what I expected. – prosseek Feb 17 '11 at 22:13
vs2010 and later seem to support wildcards for include: – D. A. Jan 26 at 16:14

According to vsinstr.exe for VS 2010 (and up to 2015) doesn't support /include for code coverage. So the only way to clean the results is using /exclude:std::*.

You can also check what functions will be instrumented prior to instrumentation process itself and save your time by using /dumpfuncs option as the following:

vsinstr.exe /dumpfuncs /exclude:std::* /exclude:`std::* > foo.txt
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