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I have two tables: order and order_status.

In the first one I store the orders of a shop and in the second one the different possible statuses that an order can have (in progress, paid, ...).

Should be there a relationship (1:1??) between these two tables or should I just create an ENUM type for the status values?

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Go ahead and create the table. You will need more statuses over time (trust me, I work on 20,000 online stores every day, and OrderStatus is NOT as simple as it sounds). This will also let you add flags the statuses: some answers may count as a form of "shipped", even if their descriptions vary.

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Thanks, but what kind of relationship is it? 1:1? –  ziiweb Feb 18 '11 at 10:09
Each order has one status (at any given time, at least). Each status can be used by any number of orders. So that's many-to-one. –  Jon of All Trades Feb 18 '11 at 22:17

I usually do enum type for the status values. This way I don't have to hit the database each time I want to do a lookup for a dropdown etc.

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