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I have Resharper installed and somehow CtrlW no longer "extends the selection". I tried assigning it to Global / Resharper.ExtendSelection in Tools -> Options -> Keyboard but it still only selects one word.

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I have found the resolutions. Go to ReSharper -> Options -> Visual Studio Integration -> Keybord Shortcuts --> ReSharper or IntelliJ IDEA.Next time when you press CtrlW, Visual studio will ask you about shortcuts. You will choice ReSharper shortcuts and that is it.

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A question and a suggestion:

  • Does Resharper | Edit | Extend Selection work?
  • Reapply VS integration via Resharper | Options | Visual Studio Integration | Apply Scheme
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Interesting... Extend Selection is disabled! –  JoelFan Feb 18 '11 at 14:47
Possibly it's your source file doesn't support Extend Selection? I believe HTML and javascript don't support it. Is it available in a C#/VB file? –  Kevin Feb 18 '11 at 15:12

A solution i found was to reconfigure keys at the Text Editor level (they are defined at Global level and for some (annoying) reason Resharper overrides this.

So: (Tools->Options->Environment->Keyboard), set Use new shortcut to Text Editor and redefine your shortcuts.

Tip: Look for your CtrlW favorites by writing view. at Show commands containing. I needed View.ErrorList (CtrlW, CtrlE), View.Output (CtrlW, CtrlO) & View.SolutionExplorer (CtrlW, CtrlS)


p.s. I even disabled Resharper and it still won't work...

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I was actually trying to figure out the opposite. Ctrl-w stopped closing the current document... I overrode it at the global level, but resharper had stolen it in "Text Editor". This has been driving me nuts for weeks. Thank you! –  superlime Apr 29 '12 at 7:02
ReSharper.Resharper_ExtendSelection and ReSharper.Resharper_ShrinkSelection are the command that worked for me –  Vdex Sep 23 '14 at 13:25

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