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How do I add auto_increment to an existing column of a MySQL table?

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I think you want to MODIFY the column as described for the ALTER TABLE command. It might be something like this:

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Might also want to include the current column value as an offset, eg ALTER TABLE tbl AUTO_INCREMENT = 100; –  Phil Feb 17 '11 at 23:20
If you already have values in the table, you'll probably get a duplicate key error for value of 1. To change the value of the AUTO_INCREMENT the table must be using the MyISAM engine. So go to the table properties, change the engine from say InnoDB to MyISAM, then change the AUTO_INCREMENT value to whatever should be next in your sequence. Once you apply those changes you can switch the engine back to whatever you where using. –  sday Oct 1 '11 at 2:25
Alter table table_name modify column_name datatype(length) AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY

You should add primary key to auto increment, otherwise you got error in mysql.

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This worked for me in case you want to change the AUTO_INCREMENT-attribute for a not-empty-table:

1.)Exported the whole table as .sql file
2.)Deleted the table after export
2.)Did needed change in CREATE_TABLE command
3.)Executed the CREATE_TABLE and INSERT_INTO commands from the .sql-file
...et viola

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