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I thought I read in a tutorial on YQL by Chris Heilmann that if you're generating any content client-side with JSON, you should include a server-side function to generate the content at regular intervals for search engines to find. (I wish I could find the reference back.) Is that true, and if so, what is a PHP way to run this JSON function once a week for search bots?

function (data) {
        $.each(data.query.results.row, function (i, item) {
        .append('<tr><td class="color">' + item.color + '</td><td class="size">' + item.size + '</td><td class="brand">' + item.brand + '</td></tr>');
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I found the reference (last line)

A commenter provides this PHP, the HTML got stripped in the comment:

$sCSVfile = 'https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=12345678&hl=en&output=csv';
if (($handle = fopen($sCSVfile, "r")) !== FALSE)
while (($aCSVdata = fgetcsv($handle, 1000, ",")) !== FALSE)
echo '‘ . $aCSVdata[0] . ‘‘ . PHP_EOL;
echo ‘‘ . $aCSVdata[1] . ‘‘ . PHP_EOL;

But it's either/or, right? Either PHP or JS/JSON?

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