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If I want to be able to "post process" an image after it is uploaded, crop it down to size and apply some compression. As it stands, I am doing this using the post_save signal, when the model is saved, I am accessing the file, applying the post production and saving over the original.

I am only doing this when the created argument of the post save signal is set to true to avoid unnecessary image processing every time the model is updated.

The problem

When the image field of an existing instance is updated, the post processing of the image is being skipped because the created flag is false.

How can I setup my model to only apply post processing to the image when the ImageField has changed, even if the model is already created? This app may not always be used with django admin, so overwriting the imagefield_save method isn't going to work.

Hope someone can help!

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This question is from a long time ago, so probably not actual anymore?

did you have a look at:

pre_save.connect(before_mymodel_save, sender=MyModel)

have a look at the signal documentation of django

you create a function before_mymodel_save and you can try to do anything in there. If you're using a save inside the post or pre save functions: Just make sure you disconnect the signal if you save the MyModel object within this function (and connect again), to avoid endless loops.

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