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I am trying to update the dateTimeController in another application using DTM_SETSYSTEMTIME.

bool retVal = false;
ushort GDT_VALID = 0;

td.wYear = 1990;
td.wMonth = 4;
td.wDay = 2;
td.wDayOfWeek = 0;
td.wHour = 0;
td.wMilliseconds = 0;
td.wMinute = 0;
td.wSecond = 0;

int erc = SendMessage(handle, DTM_SETSYSTEMTIME, GDT_VALID, ref td);

Unfortunately the attempt was failed, the picker is not updated, every time return value is zero. Important thing is occasionally the application having the dataTimePicker gives an error message that illegal memory access exception after I execute the SendMessage command.

Can anybody help me to fix this up ?

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Yes, cannot work. The 4th argument to SendMessage is a pointer to SYSTEMTIME. The pointer value is only valid in your process, not the one that owns the control. Crashing the target app with that pointer value is quite possible. You will need to

  • call OpenProcess() on the target process to obtain its handle
  • call VirtualAllocEx() to allocate memory in the target process
  • call WriteProcessMemory() to copy the SYSTEMTIME value from your process to the target process
  • call SendMessage, using the pointer value you got from VirtualAllocEx
  • call VirtualFreeEx() to release the memory
  • call CloseHandle() to release the process handle.

Lots of things that can go wrong here, starting with UAC stopping you from executing these highly privileged API functions. The function names google well, you should have little trouble finding sample code.

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Your information is really helpful for me to fix my issue. Following is the code.

private static bool injectMemory(IntPtr windowHandle, byte[] buffer, out IntPtr hndProc, out IntPtr lpAddress)
        hndProc = IntPtr.Zero;
        lpAddress = IntPtr.Zero;
        //open local process object
        Process mainWindowProcess = FindProcess(windowHandle);
        hndProc = OpenProcess(
            (0x2 | 0x8 | 0x10 | 0x20 | 0x400), //create thread, query info, operation 
            //write, and read 
        if (hndProc == (IntPtr)0)
            Console.WriteLine("Unable to attach process");
            return false;
        //allocate memory for process object
        lpAddress = VirtualAllocEx(hndProc, (IntPtr)null, (uint)buffer.Length,
             AllocationType.Commit | AllocationType.Reserve, MemoryProtection.ExecuteReadWrite);
        if (lpAddress == (IntPtr)0)
            Console.WriteLine("Unable to allocate memory to target proces");
            return false;
        //wite data
        uint wrotelen = 0;
        WriteProcessMemory(hndProc, lpAddress, buffer, (uint)buffer.Length, out wrotelen);
        if (Marshal.GetLastWin32Error() != 0)
            Console.WriteLine("Unable to write memory to process.");
            return false;
        return true;

Method is called by,

        int structMemLen =  Marshal.SizeOf(typeof(SYSTEMTIME));
        byte[] buffer = new byte[structMemLen];
        ushort GDT_VALID = 0;
        SYSTEMTIME sysTime = new SYSTEMTIME();
        //Assign the values as you prefer

        IntPtr dataPtr = Marshal.AllocHGlobal(structMemLen);
        Marshal.StructureToPtr(sysTime, dataPtr, true);
        Marshal.Copy(dataPtr, buffer, 0, structMemLen);

        IntPtr hndProc = IntPtr.Zero;
        IntPtr lpAddress = IntPtr.Zero;
        injectMemory(mainWindowHandle, buffer, out hndProc, out lpAddress); 
        SendMessage(handle, DTM_SETSYSTEMTIME, (IntPtr)GDT_VALID, lpAddress);
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