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I'm using Kdevelop to create C++ projects. Now I need to create a C project. In 3.xx versions, I had the option to create C projects, but now I'm using Kdevelop 4.2 and I only can see C++ project templates( QT / NOGui ).

How should I configure Kdevelop for C projects?

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Have you checked the "show all project templates" while you were in the New Project dialog box? See this question as reference (look at the screenshot): kdevelop 4.0 : No project Templates

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I see a little diference... check it: ttp://i54.tinypic.com/fbapo9.png... i cant see "show all project templates" :-\ Thanks for help :) –  fpointbin Feb 18 '11 at 1:58

i know this is an old post but just in case .. here is a quick answer - requires a little thinking but not difficult.

  1. (optional) install kapptemplate - this will put even more templates here:


  2. first step is just to provide more defaults - these will show up in kdevelop or you can run kdevappwizard alone. this is what will be in the directory:

    ├── kdevappwizard.rc
    ├── template_previews
    │   ├── akonadi-resources.png
    │   ├── akonadi-serializer.png
    │   ├── default-kdevelop.png
    │   ├── default.png
    └── templates
        ├── akonadiresource.tar.bz2
        ├── akonadiserializer.tar.bz2
        ├── cmake_plaincpp.tar.bz2
        ├── cmake_qt4core_qtest.tar.bz2
        └── simple_phpapp.tar.bz2
  3. copy a couple of the simple ones, say simple_phpapp.tar.bz2 and cmake_plaincpp.tar.bz2 into a sandbox dir and unpack them.

  4. then, check out what is there and use the files and the naming scheme of the files as a model - adjust to suit your needs and
  5. pack up in similar fashion,
  6. place in same directory as above or in ~/.kde/apps/kdevappwizard/..etc. - et voila!

    Note: the preview image is optional - you can skip it.`

    eh - i know, thats kinda vague but if you can program in C you can probably handle it :)

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Thanks, now I can start hacking up my own templates –  r_ahlskog Nov 23 '11 at 15:39

To use them just copy the archives to /usr/share/apps/kdevappwizard/templates/

CMake template: https://sourceforge.net/projects/otzy-007.u/files/cmake_plainc.tar.bz2/download

Makefile template: http://opendesktop.org/content/show.php/Simple+C+Makefile+Template?content=138514

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