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I want to be able to destroy a YUI Panel when the user clicks the close button.

I have tried using hideEvent but that does not work. I'm assuming since the object is still active and therefore cannot be destroyed:

panel.hideEvent.subscribe(function(o) {

Is there a way I can destroy the Panel when a user clicks close? The close button is not assigned an ID although it is assigned a class:

<a class="container-close" href="#">Close</a>
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Ending up having to use the setTimeout() function:

panel.hideEvent.subscribe(function(o) {
    setTimeout(function() {panel.destroy();}, 0);
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Where win is a YUI simple dialog, I use this:

w.win.hideEvent.subscribe(function(e) {

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using the hideEvent as above leads to javascript errors in firebug. the following solution works without problems:

dlg -> instance of yui2 dialog or similar. dlg.close -> is the html element of the close icon

Use the following code after having the dialog rendered:

//remove the default click handler (._doClose)
YAHOO.util.Event.removeListener(dlg.close, "click");   

//add a new click handler (._doClose)
YAHOO.util.Event.on(dlg.close, "click", function(){
}, dlg, true);
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