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Does Padarn support the call to methods that exist in the Code Behind from the ASPX page?

For example (pseudo):

MyPage.cs Code Behind.

protected string GetData()
 return("Here's the data");

MyPage.aspx calls the GetData() method that lives in its code behind...

<%= this.GetData() %>

When I attempt something like the above example, the response that is displayed in the browser is reads...

[translated asp]

instead of "Here's the data".

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For the record, ctacke answered this question in a cross-post thread at OpenNETCF Community forum...

No, ASP 3.0-style code doesn't work. You're better off rendering the page in Render and calling the method there. You could do your own request handler that did this kind of parsing, but I think it would be way more work than it would be worth.

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