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I am trying to figure out from my code whether the Ring/Silent switch is on ring or silent. Is there a way to determine this from my program.


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I did some more searching and found the same question here How to detect iphone is on silent mode..

For completeness, here is the answer from Neil that worked for me?

CFStringRef state = nil;
UInt32 propertySize = sizeof(CFStringRef);
AudioSessionInitialize(NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);
OSStatus status = AudioSessionGetProperty(kAudioSessionProperty_AudioRoute, &propertySize, &state);

if (status == kAudioSessionNoError) { 
    return (CFStringGetLength(state) == 0);   // YES = silent
return NO;

It should be noted that this will not work if headphones are connected. You will always get "HeadPhone". This was also reported by coob.

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It should also be noted that checking for nil will not work! – Ken Joyner Feb 18 '11 at 20:05

The answer is no.

You can configure how your audio session is affected by the switch, but you cannot tell whether it's on or off.

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