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First of all I have to mention that I'm a developer from Sri Lanka, therefore I can't list paid apps on Android Market. But I found many good alternatives such as AndAppStore, AndroidPIT, AppsLib & SlideME where I can list my paid apps & get a revenue.

But my issue is about piracy. Since my app is not listed in Android Market, I can't use their licensing system (LVL). When I search for alternative licensing systems I found that there are licensing systems unique to each alternative market. (eg. SlideME -> SlideLock, AndAppStore -> their system) If it is the case, I will have to implement each of those systems in separate versions of my app in order to publish my app in their markets.

Instead of that, I wonder weather there exists an universal licensing system for Android apps where I can implement it to my app & distribute it via any alternative market.

I need to have 2 features in the licensing system:

  1. App must have a trial period & it should stop working after a pre-defined period from the day the user install the app.

  2. After the trial period it should obtain a paid license which is unique to the device (IMEI or Phone No. can be used.) & should resume working if & only if it has a valid license.

Please share your ideas on this. Appreciate if you can provide coding, sources or links.

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