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Is emitting signals inside QRunnable::run() a right thing to do? I need to inform my GUI thread that image processed by QRunnable is done. I am using QThreadPool/QRunnable because I need to be able to add new tasks to the pool while there are tasks in it already. I find it kind of hard to do that with QtConcurrent and QFutureWatcher.

The QRunnable is using a QObject created in run() to connect to the target QObject and emit signals.

If emitting from QRunnable is not a good thing, is it possible to post events from there?

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Yes, emitting signals and posting events are fine things to do in a QRunnable::run() because they are both thread-safe. For the signals and events to be handled properly, the QObjects must have the correct thread affinity. See Threads and QObjects for more details.

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I think my confusion is from the impression that signals and events require a thread to have an even loop to work. There's no mention in Qt docs if QThreadPool threads have their own loop. Or is the event loop is only required for receiving? –  Stephen Chu Feb 18 '11 at 14:10
Yes, the event loop is only required for QObjects receiving signals from other threads. –  baysmith Feb 19 '11 at 4:30

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