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I have a question of how to print a hash:

for my $i (0 .. $#language)
  $statement = $db->selectall_arrayref(
    "select word from words
    left outer join language
    on words.languageId = language.languageId
    where words.languageId = $language;"
  %words=((@language[$language])=> {@$statement});
return %words;

How can help to print out the hash

I tried this:

foreach my $key(keys %newwordsList)
    print "Dozzzz: " . $key . "\n";

    for my $ind(0 .. @{$newwordsList{$key}}-1){
        print $newwordsList{$key}[$ind] . "\n";

But I get nothing.

and I have a question: Hash is a sequential order or not I mean the $key, because i try yo print $keys it is supposed to print 123 but it prints out 132

what is wrong?

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Hashes are unordered. – Brad Gilbert Feb 18 '11 at 4:51

Hash tables don't preserve insertion order. You'll need to use a different data structure, perhaps Tie::IxHash.

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