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I want to design a database for a social network which will provide profiles for users. Should I use separate tables for users and their profiles or just one table for users and all attributes in it?

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If you want to go big, then do a separate one for the users.

Advantage of users and attributes in same table:

  • Simpler SQL query.
  • If you assumer that you will always need the attributes, then there's one less join.

Advantage of separate tables:

  • In real life, you don't always need the attributes.
  • When you need to pair other things with users you don't need all the attributes.
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If you're going to use a relational database, I would recommend a separate table (normalized, foreign-keys, etc.)

If you are interested in trying one of the document-store databases (e.g., MongoDB, CouchDB, RavenDB), then I would consider first if you normally access attributes when you access a user. If so, then you should place the attributes inside the user as embedded documents.

Good luck!

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Keep them separate, Users and Profiles loosely coupled would be helpful in the long run. Profiles can be of communities, groups too not just users, so I suggest keeping them separate.

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