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I have a function in my controller, getJson. It works fine; I am get an AJAX response.


def getJson = {

// BillingController obj= new BillingController()
//  ResultSet results = obj.showBillingPeriod()
def c= BillingPeriod.createCriteria()

def results = c{

      order("billingStartDate", "desc")

   render results as JSON


  var baseUrl = "${createLink(controller:'billingPeriod', action:'getJson')}"

   new Ajax.Request(baseUrl, {
            method: 'get',
            asynchronous: true,

            onSuccess: function(req) {update(req)}


Now I want to fetch the value of billingEndDate and billingStartDate from response and show it in an alert. I tried everything but it did not work. How can I do that?

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onSuccess: function(req) {
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hi thanks , but i am get undefined i think request that i am get is some thing "[{" different – amit4444 Feb 18 '11 at 6:09
@amit4444, are you sure your action is returning content of type application/json? – Vadim Feb 18 '11 at 6:11

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