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I have been working on a text and voice chat application, and I am looking at XMPP. I visited http://www.xmpp.org and found an open source server and clients. the clients don't seem to provide me the complete flexibility I need, so I need to create one of my own.

I need to know the following:

How can I connect to an XMPP server(I have installed Openfire)? My basic aim is just to send XML and receive the response from Openfire.

What XML do I need to send, and how do I send and receive it?

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See RFC 3920, section 4.8 Simplified Stream Examples

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You might want to look at libxmpp for one possible route.

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There are a variety of client libraries for XMPP which will provide you this functionality. Choose one in your language of choice that supports the features you want to use.

There are probably a couple for each language and you can search for the effectiveness, support and popularity of the relevant ones.

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